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Prospective investors and buyers are looking for measures of success that include future earnings, future growth, future ideas and future cash flow. Our solution includes planning templates that businesses can use for financial planning, sales and marketing, growth strategy, and growth and contingency management.


All businesses must adopt a forward-focused mentality, and they must keep an eye on the ball. Penny Strategies teaches business owners the best techniques to follow the action and keep score.


Our team members have achieved personal success by embracing a culture of ownership throughout our businesses (“We Before Me”), where managers adopt an open-book philosophy and all employees have a stake in the outcome.

How I Can Help You

Since 1993

Using principles and skills I learned as a disciple of the “Great Game of Business,” as well as my personal achievements in building successful companies from the ground up. Through my experience mentoring entrepreneurs who run growing businesses, I have developed a business methodology and platform that provide a solid foundation for entrepreneurs and their businesses, including short-term and long-term playbooks that bring these principles to action. You, too, can unlock your own superpowers, and transform your approach from that of an unprepared entrepreneur to a prepared entrepreneur.


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